Exterior Painting

Your home’s exterior can consist of a variety of materials ranging from brick, stucco, hardiplank, masonite, wood, and vinyl siding. These materials require different treatments, and methods of proper preparation to insure a quality finish product.

Gomez Painting has the experience and knows how to apply the proper system and finish that will perform the best under Atlanta's weather conditions. While painting your home provides beauty and elegance, it also provides protection from the elements.

We offer a wide range of exterior services that vary depending on the condition and needs of your home. Services include pressure washing, waterproofing, scraping, sanding, caulking and preparation, wood repair and replacement, stucco repair, prime coating, painting, staining, etc.

Interior Painting

Painting can help you achieve a fresh, new look for the interior of your home, and can completely change the mood of any room. Applying colors that excite soothe, or set any other mood is an important part of creating your home’s look and ambience. Painting the interior of your home opens up a wonderful opportunity to express what inspires you and bring to life your decorating vision by adding character or creating intimacy.

Interior paint sheens also play a huge factor in your interior painting project and involves both aesthetic and practical considerations. From an aesthetic standpoint, sheen or gloss creates visual interest, particularly indoors. From a practical standpoint, the right sheen or gloss can help extend the life of the paint job and assist in proper day to day wear and maintenance.

Gomez Painting can navigate you in the process of these choices and assist you in choosing the colors that best reflect your lifestyle and your visions. While selecting the perfect colors for your home is crucial, applying the proper materials and using the proper application methods and techniques are key to achieving a beautiful, lasting finish.